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Saffron Kitchen Project is about people, food, building community and creating lasting opportunities for vulnerable people in Athens. Food is about love, comfort and hospitality. There is a kindness in the practice of preparing meals for others, the perfect opportunity to make people feel welcome. We’re here to support each other, using food as the tool kit.

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Drawing on many years of experience in the hospitality industry as well as the humanitarian sector we identified a need for access to nutritious food, professional training and job opportunities for refugees.

At Saffron Kitchen Project we aim to do exactly that. We cook meals together, provide specialised training and create opportunities for people with refugee backgrounds to support themselves and grow their own skill sets.


‘Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could.’

Yotam Ottolenghi

With this in mind we came up with our pillars, the cornerstones of what SKP is built on…



We will help tackle unemployment in Athens by generating job opportunities for people from the refugee and host community. The meals will be prepared by the community for the community.


We demonstrate our commitment to tackling unemployment in Greece by not only employing but also generating job opportunities for people from the refugee and hosting community.


Provide vulnerable people with warm, nutritious and inventive meals in a dignified and sustainable way. We partner with several organisations that support vulnerable people throughout Athens, distributing delicious meals whilst avoiding food waste as much as possible.


We offer free culinary education and vocational training in partnership with IEK Delta. In an effort to prepare our students for work in the hospitality industry, the programme comprises culinary skills as well as soft skills training such as teamwork, leadership and time management. Upon completion students will receive an accredited EOPEP certificate which will aid them in entering the job market.

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